1.1. These Terms of Use of the e-commerce platform - (hereinafter - (hereinafter - the Terms of Use) set out the provisions that define the procedure for using, the obligations, rights, duties and responsibilities of the Seller and the Buyer. The rules of use also include provisions on the protection of personal data and the use of cookies.

1.2. By using -, Seller and Buyer automatically agree to the terms of the Terms of Use below.

1.3. All copyrights of belong to UAB Merstoja (hereinafter - Service Provider), company code 302664832, address Pramonės str. 7, Telšiai LT-87101, the company is registered in the Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Lithuania. The service provider is both the manager and administrator of

1.4. These Terms of Use set out the general terms and conditions of the purchase and sale agreements concluded by and are an integral part of these agreements.

1.5. The provisions of this Agreement do not limit and in no case shall be construed as restricting the rights of Buyers established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

1.6. Terms used in the rules:

1.6.1. Supplier - a person who manages and administers, as well as provides other services related to the use of

1.6.2. User - a person who wants to view the Advertisement, purchase goods for sale or in any other form using

1.6.3. Item - used and new car parts, accessories and other parts.

1.6.4. Advertisement - Supplier's advertisement for the offered goods.

1.6.5. True seller - a person who is the seller and / or owner of the product.


2.1. is an e-shop that allows you to offer, sell and buy used, new car parts. The Goods may be sold in the e-shop only by those entities that use the additional business management system (hereinafter - the Sellers) in accordance with a separate agreement with the Service Provider.

2.2. can be browsed, viewed and purchased by any natural and legal persons (hereinafter - Buyers). Buyers in these Terms of Use are both visitors who have registered with (created an account) and visitors who have not registered with Sellers and Buyers together may be referred to as Users in these Terms of Use. Users using in any way or form express their consent to all provisions of these Terms of Use and undertake to comply with them. Persons who do not agree with all or part of the provisions of the Terms of Use should not use and browse

2.3. The service provider only acts as an intermediary, it does not own the goods that are published and sold on When managing and administering, the Service Provider only creates technical means for Sellers to publish goods and Buyers to purchase them. The Service Provider does not represent Sellers, manufacturers of goods or other interested parties. The Real Seller is responsible for the fact of existence of the goods, their quality, safety and legality, their descriptions on, determination of the appropriate price, accuracy and correctness of reviews and comments.

2.4. Taking into account that is constantly changing and evolving in order to ensure more convenient and safer use of the website, the Service Provider has the right to change the terms of the Terms of Use, the range of services provided and their charging. Sellers will be notified by e-mail of any material changes to the Terms of Use (eg, the emergence of additional services, changes in service charges). Buyers' use of after the changes will automatically mean their acceptance of the changed provisions of the Terms of Use.

2.5. The agreement on compliance with the Terms of Use is concluded in electronic form. The Service Provider follows the law of the Republic of Lithuania and the provisions of legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania (including the Civil Code, the Law on Consumer Rights Protection, the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data, etc.).


3.1. By agreeing to the Terms of Use, the Buyer undertakes:

3.1.1. not to violate the provisions of legal acts, the rights of third parties, Terms of Use;

3.1.2. not to use if the User is not an active natural person who has reached the age of majority, whose capacity is not restricted by court order and has all the powers and rights to conclude and execute transactions or the right to use is suspended on the basis of these Terms of Use;

3.1.3. to pay the specified amount for the purchased goods on time, unless there is a reasonable reason not to do so (eg the Seller changed the description of the goods after the goods were sold, incorrect description information was provided due to technical errors or the Buyer cannot contact the Seller);

3.1.4. to return the paid or reserved goods through on time, within the term specified in clauses 7.2 and 8.3;

3.1.5. before purchasing the product, carefully read all the information provided in the Advertisement about the sold product, its final price and its taxes and other information, and in case of uncertainties or questions - additionally contact the Supplier, his contacts;

3.1.6. to notify the Service Provider if the Seller improperly performs its contractual obligations or otherwise violates the Buyer's rights or legal requirements;

3.1.7. to perform other obligations of the buyer provided for in the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

3.2. By agreeing to the Terms of Use, the Seller undertakes:

3.2.1. not to sell counterfeit goods, not to offer goods that have been manufactured or imported into the territory of the Republic of Lithuania in violation of trademark intellectual property rights, otherwise not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties (including copyrights, trademark rights, designs, patents, etc.) or any other the rights of third parties;

3.2.2. to sell only high-quality, legally purchased goods that meet the description of the Advertisement, as well as only those goods that you actually have in your warehouse. Respond for defects in the quality of the goods or other discrepancies in accordance with these rules and / or legislation. All claims for any defects in the goods, incorrect information about the goods or other discrepancies or violations are directed directly to the Seller;

3.2.3. to prepare the goods for collection or collection in a timely manner, unless there is a reasonable reason not to do so - the Buyer violates or fails to fulfill its contractual obligations or additional conditions provided in the Advertisement, or it is impossible to contact him;

3.2.4. not to manipulate the price of the goods, not to disturb the sales of other Sellers in any way and means;

3.2.5. not to take any actions that may damage the Buyers' feedback and sales rating system;

3.2.6. not to use the contact information of the Buyers for purposes other than the sale, purchase or dispatch of the goods;

3.2.7. to perform other duties of the seller provided for in the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

3.3. Users (both Buyers and Sellers) also undertake to:

3.3.1. not to transfer the User account or login data to third parties, to ensure the confidentiality and security of this data;

3.3.2. not to take any actions that would endanger the security of the website and its database, not to disseminate information that contains viruses or other computer programs or files that may disrupt the normal operation of, which would cause damage to other Users, Services provider or their property;

3.3.3. not to create, duplicate the services provided by for any purpose, not to publish, not to upload any advertising, chain letters, not to resell the purchased goods;

3.3.4. not to use for illegal activities or fraud, not to offer to purchase items whose trade is prohibited or restricted;

3.3.5. comply with other provisions and obligations of these Terms of Use;

3.3.6. to compensate the losses incurred by the Service Provider, if such are caused by the fault of the User.


4.1. In order to publish the Advertisements, the Seller uses an additional business management system (hereinafter referred to as the Sellers) in accordance with a separate agreement with the Service Provider.

4.2. The prices of goods indicated in the advertisement (hereinafter referred to as price) consist of two parts:

4.2.1. The prices of the goods indicated by the actual seller (hereinafter referred to as the price of the Goods);

4.2.2. Supplier's remuneration for services, which is from 1% to 30% of the price of the Goods (hereinafter referred to as Supplier's remuneration). The Supplier's remuneration is intended to cover the costs incurred by the Supplier in executing the User's order (including, but not limited to, transfer fees, website administration, delivery of the goods to the Buyer, etc.).

4.3. By publishing the Advertisement on, the Seller agrees to comply with the following Terms of Use, legal requirements, fair business practices and undertakes:

4.3.1. to publish Advertisements only in the relevant and dedicated Advertisement categories;

4.3.2. to provide accurate, clear, complete and correct information about the sold product, as well as not to disclose any discriminatory, defamatory or otherwise violating the requirements of legal acts;

4.3.3. not to publish in the Comments of the Advertisement other goods or services than indicated in the main information of the Advertisement;

4.3.4. upload bright and high-quality photos depicting only the product offered, the background of the photos must be white, no logos and other graphic images or inscriptions should be placed in the place of the photo. It is forbidden to upload photos without the consent of the author or other legal owner of the photos (for example, to publish photos of the product found directly on the Internet);

4.3.5. do not post links to other websites.

4.4. Published Ad Users can be found in search by keyword or category a few minutes after the Ad is uploaded. However, in case of malfunction of or due to other natural technical obstacles, the Service Provider reserves the right to consider that the Advertisement is placed on time, if it becomes visible in the search no later than after 24 hours. since its upload.

4.5. The position of the Placed Ad based on the search results may be affected by the placement time, the Ad content, title, search terms, product price, reviews and ranking, and other factors.


5.1. By using, the Buyer agrees to comply with the provisions of these Terms of Use.

5.2. In order to purchase goods, the Buyer can do so as a guest (without registering) or by creating a user account The buyer must complete the registration form electronically, providing basic personal information. The buyer undertakes to provide correct, accurate and complete information about himself. In the event that incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information is provided, or the Service Provider has reason to believe that this has been done, the Service Provider has the right to suspend or terminate the Buyer's registration, block the Buyer's profile and / or refuse the Buyer to provide its services.

5.3. The Buyer is provided with login data (login name, which the Buyer creates himself, and password), with which he can log in to and use the provided services. The buyer is responsible for the security of his login data, and for all actions that are taken after logging in with his login data.

5.4. The buyer, having placed the goods in the basket, and in order to complete the purchase-sale transaction, must pay for them in the ways and terms specified in clause 7.

5.5. The buyer, after the full purchase-sale transaction, will receive an automatic invitation to evaluate the overall shopping experience in the 5-star rating system.

5.6. If the Buyer's password has become known to third parties, the Buyer must change it immediately.

5.7. The Buyer agrees that the Service Provider is not responsible for the availability of other websites and the completeness, accuracy, existence of advertising, product or other material on them.


6.1. If the Buyer does not agree with the terms and conditions of the website, he is not obliged to place an order. The Supplier and the Buyer enter into an agreement when, after selecting the desired goods from the website, confirming the order, choosing the payment method and indicating where to deliver the goods, the Buyer clicks the "Order" button. The agreement with the User is valid until the order is fully fulfilled.

6.2. Before forming an order from the website, the buyer must get acquainted with the rules, regulations and requirements of The Agreement with the Buyer on the purchase and sale of the goods specified in the Advertisement is concluded by the Seller.

6.3. After the buyer has added the goods to the electronic shopping cart, the seller has checked the goods in stock, within 24 hours. from ordering, e-mail by e-mail and SMS the Buyer receives the selected payment link or advance invoice for payment.

6.4. Such an agreement is considered concluded from the moment when the Buyer pays for the goods placed in the electronic shopping cart.

6.5. If the item (s) are not in stock, the Buyer will be offered an alternative (another item), his cart will be reshaped or canceled.

6.6. e-shop team within 24 hours. The buyer is informed by e-mail. by e-mail and SMS and provides detailed information.


7.1. The buyer pays for the purchased goods in the following ways:

7.1.1. via, PayPal, cash payment by courier upon delivery of goods.

7.2. After paying for the purchased goods, the Seller organizes the delivery of the goods to the Buyer on the next business day after receipt of payment.


8.1. The goods are delivered to the address specified by the Buyer throughout Lithuania (except the Curonian Spit) within 1-3 working days from the receipt of payment. Goods are delivered from 8:00 to 17:00. Before arrival, the courier contacts the Buyer by the contact phone number and SMS specified in the order.

8.2. The packaging of the goods must contain documents - a VAT invoice issued in the name of the Buyer and information on the return of the goods. The parcel package must also have a parcel sticker printed on it, printed by

8.3. The Buyer agrees that in exceptional cases the delivery of goods may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the Seller.

8.4. In all cases, the Seller is released from liability for violation of the terms of delivery of goods, if the goods are not delivered to the Buyer or are not delivered on time due to the fault of the Buyer or due to circumstances beyond the control of the Buyer.

8.5. The Buyer must pick up the ordered Goods himself. In such cases, when the Goods are delivered to the address specified in the Buyer's account, but they are not collected by the Buyer himself, the Buyer may not make claims regarding the delivery of the Goods to the wrong person.

8.6. Upon receipt of the Goods, it is necessary to inspect the shipment together with the Supplier or his representative. When taking back the Goods, the Buyer must check their condition, quality, quantity, pay attention to whether the packaging of the parcel is not damaged, whether the parcel intended for him has been received, etc. If the parcel has discrepancies, the Buyer must immediately fill in the delivery document of the Goods or a free-form report informing about the discrepancies in the Goods.

8.7. If the Buyer signs the Goods delivery document and does not mention any discrepancies or violations of the Goods, it is considered that the Goods were delivered safely and the quality of the parcel met the Buyer's expectations.

8.8. When the Buyer takes back the Goods and signs the acceptance-transfer document, from that moment he has the right of ownership of the Goods. In case of loss or damage of the Goods, the Buyer is responsible for the received Goods.


9.1. The Seller provides the Buyers with an opportunity to return high-quality goods within 10 (ten) days from their receipt and to return low-quality goods within 15 (fifteen) days from their receipt in accordance with the procedure established in the Rules of Return of Goods.


10.1. The Parties agree that the Buyer's claims regarding the quality of the goods, their compliance with the information specified in the Advertisement or other related circumstances shall be examined by the Service Provider, who has the right to make a preliminary decision on the validity of the Buyer's claim. If the Service Provider, having assessed all the circumstances, decides that the Buyer's claim is justified, the Seller undertakes to agree with this decision and enforce it. This procedure for resolving claims is not considered to be an alternative dispute resolution method and does not in any way prevent the Buyer from defending his / her violated rights in other ways established by legal acts.


11.1. The User must comply with the terms of these Terms of Use and the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. Depending on the nature of the violation, the Service Provider has the right to limit, suspend or cancel the User's account, cancel outstanding transactions, cancel the Ads, or move them to the bottom of the Ad Search Results List, suspend or remove inaccurate, misleading or any other factual or legal requirements. to comply with the text of the Advertisement, to oblige the Seller to return the money for the paid goods, to reduce or cancel the discounts granted by the Seller, as well as to take other technical and legal measures if the User:

11.1.1. violates the provisions of legal acts and these Terms of Use;

11.1.2. endangers the rights of third parties;

11.1.3. provides incorrect registration data or fails to pay mandatory fees on time.

11.2. The User shall be informed by e-mail about the planned or implemented sanctions for the respective violations of the User Rules. by mail specified in the Agreement or during registration with


12.1. The service provider undertakes:

12.1.1. to make every effort to ensure that the provided services are safe, of high quality and function properly, that the Seller's Advertisements are properly publicized until the goods are sold or removed from at the Seller's initiative;

12.1.2. If the Buyer chooses to deliver the goods to the place specified by the Buyer, send a courier service to the storage place specified by the Seller for collection of the goods;

12.2. The service provider has the right to:

12.2.1. change and / or introduce new payment and delivery methods and new fees. Buyers are informed about changes by, e-mail. by mail and in personal accounts at least 30 days in advance. until changes. If the Buyer continues to use, it is considered that he automatically agrees to changes in the tax system or the introduction of new taxes;

12.2.2. suspend or terminate the provision of services and the performance of its obligations if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the Seller does not comply with the terms and / or legal provisions of these Terms of Use.

12.3. The service provider is not responsible for:

12.3.1. any business processes, results, sales dynamics, profit or loss of the User that may be related to the use of or the inability to use them;

12.3.2. the correctness, accuracy, authenticity and / or origin of the goods sold, their legality and quality, and timely payment;

12.3.3. damage caused to the User or third parties due to the content of the Advertisement and (or) its placement on;

12.3.4. confirmation of the buyer's identity, as well as for the proper use of the login name, password and other personal data. The Service Provider shall not be liable if this information has been used by third parties due to improper use of the data;

12.3.5. improper User behavior;

12.3.6. any material and non-material damage that may be suffered by the Users or other persons and which may have occurred directly or indirectly in the User's accounts, comments or as a result of other information provided by;

12.3.7. copyright infringement (eg by uploading photos of goods), other intellectual property infringement or infringement of any kind by the User of any kind and in any way;

12.3.8. or database disruption, data loss or for losses to Users or other persons caused by technical reasons and / or difficulties or other events due to which the User cannot use (internet connection failures, computer equipment, telecommunication equipment or other equipment failure, etc.).


13.1. The Service Provider will process the personal data provided by the User during registration on the website and using the website, which are necessary for the proper provision of services. By agreeing to the provisions of this Agreement, the User confirms that personal data is provided accurate and correct, voluntarily and declares that it can be used on the e-commerce website (registration, Ad placement, review, purchase, delivery, system administration) and for direct marketing purposes.

13.2. The user has the right to:

13.2.1. to get acquainted with his / her personal data processed by the Service Provider;

13.2.2. demand the correction of incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate personal data;

13.2.3. to object to and waive the processing of personal data for the purpose of direct marketing, as well as other rights provided for in the applicable legal acts regulating the protection of personal data.

13.3. For the exercise of his rights, the User may contact the Service Provider with the contact details provided on the website - by e-mail or post. Before exercising the User's right to access and correct his / her personal data, the User will be asked to prove his / her identity and provide a copy of the personal document.

13.4. The user is informed that when using the website and connecting to it, the system automatically registers the computer's IP address and the date and time of connection to the system.

13.5. The service provider does not provide personal data to third parties without a legal basis.


14.1. All content, including its selection and layout (except for Users' personal data and their uploaded information), all rights to, website address, trademarks, works, software and / or uploads to at the Service Provider's initiative whether its parts, slogans, designs, graphic marks and other intellectual property objects provided by are the property of the Service Provider or are legally used on the basis of agreements of the Service Provider with legal owners of intellectual property objects or other legally valid transactions. Without the consent of the Service Provider, any processing or copying and other use of the content, design of the website is prohibited.

14.2. The Service Provider is not responsible for the trademarks used by the Users of (if any) and cannot take responsibility for any violations of the intellectual property protection or other legal acts by the Users, if the Users do so.

14.3. The Seller agrees that its Advertisements and other published content, including any intellectual property, are part of the database, and the Service Provider may be used for advertising or other purposes indefinitely. The Seller agrees that royalties or licenses for the use of such objects owned by the Seller will not be paid.


15.1. Cookies are small data files that the browser stores on the User's computer or device. Cookies allow a web server to transfer data to a computer or device for storage and other purposes. When you visit the website for the first time, cookies are transferred to the User's computer and later used to identify the computer. This is a common practice of browsing web pages, which makes it easier for the User to browse the web page already visited, simplifies access to the published information. Cookies can help the website to provide a more pleasant experience for the User. Cookies cannot collect any information from your computer or files.

15.2. With the help of cookies, the website traffic data is automatically recorded: information on how many visitors visited it, what is the name of the server domain (domain) of the ISP, what information is read more often, and so on. This helps the Service Provider to understand how visitors use the website and provides an opportunity to improve our services and simplify the availability of information.

15.3. Cookies are used transparently and responsibly. Users can view what cookies are stored in their browser. You can also revoke your consent to the use of cookies at any time by changing the settings and deleting the stored cookies.


16.1. In the event of a dispute over the terms of these Terms of Use, the Service Provider shall give priority to resolving the dispute in good faith, finding a mutually satisfactory compromise. If no agreement is reached through negotiations, disputes shall be settled in the court of the Republic of Lithuania.


17.1. The law of the Republic of Lithuania applies to the rules of use.

17.2. If any provision of these Terms of Use is held to be invalid, void, or unenforceable for any reason, it will be removed and will not affect the validity of any other provision.

17.3. The Service Provider reserves the right to supplement or change the provisions of these Terms of Use by notifying the Users by e-mail. by mail, in personal accounts and on the website. All amendments shall enter into force 30 days after their publication. If the User continues to use the services provided by after this term, it means that he automatically agrees to the changes.

17.4. Disputes between consumers and Sellers are investigated by the State Consumer Rights Protection Service (address Vilniaus St. 25, LT-01402 Vilnius, phone (8 5) 262 6751, fax (8 5) 279 1466, e-mail .

17.5. Regulation (EU) No 182/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council Under Regulation (EU) No 524/2013, disputes relating to the contractual obligations of an EU-resident consumer and an EU-based trader may be submitted via the Electronic Dispute Resolution (EGS) platform, available at /main/index.cfm?

17.6. If you have any questions, please contact consultants: Help Online or by phone +370 640 66947.